How to create antivirus in 60 Seconds

Computer viruses can be a nightmare. Some of them are programmed to wipe out entire computer while others do dirty stuffs like hiding our files after attaching our pen drive to computer.How Can I protect myself ?We have to use some antivirus like Norton or AVG to protect our self  from them. They will detect and remove harmful or unwanted files from our computer.

Want lightweight portable anti-virus ?

Most of the antivirus are not portable that’s why we are going to create our own portable anti-virus which clean up Shortcut Virus from our flash drive and recover all the damaged data.

You don’t programming skills and it won’t take more than a minute than a minute .

How to create it ?

Basically… We are going to unhide our files and delete *.lnk files   by using command prompt.

Open your Notepad and paste this given code

Now save your file with bat extension and select “All files”

save file with bat How to create antivirus in 60 Seconds

That’s it… Just RUN it!


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